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Are you searching for a way to heal from the impact of addiction?

Karen Benjack Hardwick, M.Div., MSW is a clinically-and-spiritually trained thera-coach who guides families, impacted by the heartbreak of addiction, to find hope and healing.
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Addiction is a family disease and it becomes a disease of relationships. The person with the addiction is not the problem. The disease is the problem.  Family members begin to heal when they look inward and explore their feelings and patterns.  When family members do their work and courageously change what they can change, sustained recovery becomes more possible for everyone.

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Karen offers confidential services to family members of people suffering from substance use disorder and/or process addictions.  She helps people to:

  • Enhance self-awareness which creates healthier relationships
  • Explore underlying patterns and emotions that keep you stuck
  • Understand family dynamics that fuel the disease of addiction
  • Practice listening and communicating clearly
  • Exhibit empathy for self and others
  • Strengthen resilience along with serenity, courage, and wisdom
  • Practice radical self-care
  • Develop loving boundaries and establish accountability
  • Enhance emotional, spiritual, and relational connection
  • Strengthen relationships by creating healthy ways to attach and detach
  • Harness the power of connection and learn new tools

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What Karen’s Clients are Saying…

"I have had more than 100 conversations with Karen, after each of which I've been more informed and introspective. Because she truly cares about those whom she works with, Karen is direct; but she is not blunt. Rather, she is empathetic, and her training and life experiences afford her depth and authenticity in her practice. Karen is the 'real deal'.”
“What sets Karen apart is that she does her own work. She is not afraid to look inside herself and she brings that clarity and vulnerability to her clients. And that is how she helps others heal.”
“As my family and I began to heal and do things differently, Karen was a loving and understanding guide. She urged me to do my own work and understand my patterns. She held me accountable to keep loving boundaries. She encouraged me to discover how to love my child in ways that are truly healthy.”

Download My Connection Manifesto for Families

Becoming more aware of how you utilize the power of connection in your life, helps to enhance a sense of wellbeing. As families impacted by addiction, the more we learn to connect deeply to ourselves, the more we can create healthy connections with others. This complimentary workbook will help you to tap into the healing power of connection which is a powerful antidote.
My Connection Manifesto (Coach for Families)

About Karen

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With master degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work, Karen is a spiritually and clinically trained family recovery thera-coach.

No stranger to the heartbreak of addiction, Karen shares what she has learned on her healing journey with other families. She is transparent and real. Her empathy, intuitive wisdom, and practical counsel invites family members to find their way into the light of recovery.

Her in-depth clinical experience, along with her own healing work, sets her apart in a world where anyone can be a “coach”. Her firsthand personal experience is invaluable. She knows what it is like to be overwhelmed by the disease of addiction and how to walk through it into discovery and recovery.

She is the author of the book, The Connected Leader: 7 Strategies to Empower Your True Self and Inspire Others, the host of Saving You a Seat podcast, and a grateful member of the 12 step recovery community.  Her son is her most powerful teacher and together, they enjoy life one day at a time surrounded by their connection warriors.